Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cartoon Guitar

I draw a lot of strange things down at my favorite coffeeshop. I drew this guitar shape one day after a lot of cofeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I drew it about two inches tall.
My pal Robin blew it up for me at his graphic art job, I transformed it into this oddball thing.
I gave it to my buddy Erick Coleman, rockstar, madman and luthier genius, because everybody needs weird ass guitars around.
It's got a Searcy P-90 in it that honks like a mac truck.

Dreadfull Eva and Her Acoustic Guitar

I played in a band with her Dad, a very handsome and fine fellow who gave me the Les Paul Copy I play most of the time now, in spite of having over a dozen electrics I built.
Something about cheesy Japaneese guitars appeals to my dumpster diving side.
Anyway, this lovely and talented young woman is Doug's daughter, and she came over to my shop and I helped her build this little Martin Clone. It sounded pretty damn good, too.

Steampunk Flying V

My buddy Clint Searcy at Searcy String Works sent me some whackjob pickups last year, the one in the glitter silvertone clone and this one.
It spoke to me and said, make me a steampunk pipebomb guitar heart.
So I did, just in time for Halloween, or Devils night.
Basswood body, with patina paint and hardware and surplus store junk all over it.
It sounds pretty good.