Monday, September 25, 2006

Woodcut Gutiar, Detail Headshot

Woodcut guitar, close up

Naked Women Woodcut Covered Archtop Electric

I didn't make it, but I did cover the top in early 20th century German Expressionist Woodcuts, and replace the generic pickups with Stew-mac Golden age humbuckers. I wanted a different guitar to record with, and hate generic instruments when I'm playing them.

Close up, Peter's Bubinga Six string

Peter's Bubinga Six String

I started it, my sometimes bandmate Peter Fee rescued it from my shelf of semi finished projects and gave it a home.
We distressed the hardware to make it look funky beat up. Bubinga top, butternut back. Mostly hollow.

Detail Shot, Birdseye Gutiar

I didn't want to make this one a perfect flat surface, so I left some of the figure unleveled.

Redwood/Birdseye Maple Guitar

The top is some wild birdseye maple, the back is salvaged old growth redwood timber from a deck I tore down a few years ago.

All Three Instruments

Another Bling-o-caster

Made this one for my pal Erick, who plays in an Athens, Ohio band called The Speed Knobs. It's gold leaf over a semi hollow poplar body, rosewood fretboard and maple neck.

Spalted Walnut Bass Guitar

I felt like building one in case our bass player quits. Not that I have a clue about playing bass. But it never hurts to keep one around.

Double Neck, Ocatve Mandolin, Six String Guitar

Got sick of doing quick changes between songs in the band, so I built one that does both. I'm too lazy to want to move that fast. Pine body, maple necks, my own hand wound pickups. It weighs less than your average Les Paul, and balances pretty well.

Blue Electric and Flying V lap steel

Leopard Amp and Guitar combo

Matching Silvertone influenced guitar

Of course, no outfit is complete unless it all ties together. I built a Silvertone style body in matching leopardskin. Short scale, two genuine lipstick pickups, with an onboard preamp/booster made by Mark Swanson, who makes pretty cool guitars himself.

The New Amp Head

I just got a thing for leopard print, must be my inner Peg Bundy tacky streak...

New Amp build

A classic amp design, based on the 40 watt Fender. We built if from a box of parts that Weber Amps sells as a kit, although they have no directions and you have to download the schematic.
Reverb, tremolo, four ten inch alnico magnets. It's rewardingly loud.