Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Steampunk Flying V

My buddy Clint Searcy at Searcy String Works sent me some whackjob pickups last year, the one in the glitter silvertone clone and this one.
It spoke to me and said, make me a steampunk pipebomb guitar heart.
So I did, just in time for Halloween, or Devils night.
Basswood body, with patina paint and hardware and surplus store junk all over it.
It sounds pretty good.


Blogger Rev J D said...

this one totally rules (other than that its a flying v, and you can't balance it on a leg while sitting down. other than that, everything about it looks awesome.

so does the mandocellocaster. its been a while since i've been here. keep up the awesomeness e.


7:45 AM  

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