Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New effects pedals

One's based on the vintage Dallas rangmaster top boost. The other is just an A/B pedal. Both are painted with refractive paint, the A/B pedal was doused in lighter fluid and burnt till it bubbled funky, then painted again.
Howl/Snarl = Volume/Tone. Very Stevie Ray/ Brian May sounding pedal.

More fold leaf fiddle

Gold leaf electrified fiddle

Made this for Sheila, our violin player so I could hear her over the rockin' band I'm in.
Filled with expanding foam, coverd in varigated metal leaf, hacked to have an acoustic guitar pickup and preamp in it. It started out as a horrible sounding 69.00 fiddle.
It sounds funky good, and doesn't feed back at shows. Or not yet anyway....