Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Peptocaster Custom and Lemon Drop Lapsteel

Saw John Hammon play on Austin City Limits. Liked his cheesy Harmony Stratotone. Made something like it with a cedar two by four, a vintage Kay pickup and a few pots of coffee.
The lemon drop Lapsteel is basswood, and snorks and honks.

Flying V acoustic mandola

Because I could.

Aussie Blackwood/Redwood electric

Jack Spira gave me this nice wood. He's an Aussie builder who makes great guitars.

More salvaged redwood two by fours make the body.

My rude banjo

I did not build it. But I did make it rude, and drew the monkey.

Myrtlewood acoustic

Cedar top, myrtlewood back and sides.

Ebony on Redwood Relicaster

It just looks heavy. Homewound single coils, macassar ebony top, distressed hardware, salvaged redwood body from a deck I tore down.

Solid Redwood octave electric mandolin

Jessica mandolin

Barbie pink puke mandolin

green snake mandolin, f style

GIANT f style electric octave mandolin

See small mando in background for size comparison.


Leopard amp


New work not on my website